Scan your property in minutes

No sketches! No laser measurements! No expensive scanners!

Just walk through your property with your smartphone (equipped with a LIDAR scanner) to scan and create a 3D model. All in just a few minutes. Then order your to-scale floor plan.

3D LIDAR Scanning: innovative technology to save time

With the 3D LIDAR Scanning feature, we have developed an innovative method to capture spatial information of your property, including your property measurements.

It combines the integrated LIDAR scanner and the multiple cameras of your smartphone to capture the information of a multitude of points: for each, both their precise position and color. When scanning, you will see the points being captured as you walk through your property.

Once the 3D LIDAR scanning is completed, our render AI engine on our servers will process this cloud of points to create a 3D render of your property within minutes.

A single scan takes approx. 3-5 minutes and typically covers an area up to 180 m² (or 2000 sqft).

* This feature requires LIDAR scanners currently only available on the iPhone 12 Pro & iPad Pro 2020 & 2021.

From point clouds to floor plans in a few clicks

You can easily order a 2D floor plan with room measurements on the basis of your 3D LIDAR scanning render. Click on the relevant icon when viewing your 3D render to start your order:

  • Rotate the model
  • Add labels such as room names
  • Choose the output language

Once our team has created your floor plan, you will be notified.

The ATLENTIS app integrates a conversation module for your feedback and changes you may request to make your floor plans perfect.

The entire process from capturing the information in a point cloud, creating the 3D render and converting it into a floor plan has been developed to be easily and entirely managed within the ATLENTIS app.


test Atlentis

After registering on the application, you will be able to test for free, a limited number of times, the various functionalities of ATLENTIS: HDR photos,  replacement of a blue sky on a photo,  3D scanning of a property,  floor plan creation …

Download the Atlentis app on App Store and register for your free limited access.