Access all PLAN-IT-ALL services within the app

How often have you taken pictures on a dull day or with unwanted objects; or needed to promote an empty property, or with dated décor? Order with the PLAN-IT-ALL team of professionals directly within the app: object removal, virtual home staging or renovation, sky replacement, photo enhancement, etc.

Object Removal

Today, studies show the internet affecting directly or indirectly 90% of all property transactions. Consequently, property ads must offer quality photos.

No one is therefore attracted with a room with unwanted objects, small or large, many or few, whether it is a living room, a kitchen, or even a playroom full of toys.

With PLAN-IT-ALL object removal service, you are able to indicate what you wish to remove and provide our experts with your specific instructions.

To avoid any surprise, a firm quote is sent to you for approval within 3 business hours of receiving your request.

Object removalObject removal after
home staginghome staging after
Virtual Home Staging

How often did you need to promote an empty property, or with dated décor? PLAN-IT-ALL team of professionals can enhance your property virtually by adding furniture to empty rooms or undertaking a virtual make-over of a dated décor. Such staging can also be undertaken for your exteriors.

All these can be ordered directly within the ATLENTIS app in just a few clicks.

Virtual Renovation

Most real estate agents will tell you that selling a property that need a serious make-over or that is under renovation can be quite a challenge. As such, properties with great potential remain unsold for long period of time.

For such properties, our experts from PLAN-IT-ALL will create a virtual renovation of your property based on pictures. This helps greatly prospective buyers to imagine themselves into your property once renovation works are completed.

These virtual make-overs enhance the appeal of your property and help generate more customer leads.

renovation virtuellerenovation virtuelle
Regular PLAN-IT-ALL Photo Optimisation

Whilst the ATLENTIS app provides all the necessary features to create stunning property photos, some prefer to take it to the next level and have their pictures enhanced by expert professionals.

PLAN-IT-ALL Regular Photo Optimisation Service undertakes 15 separate steps to enhance every individual picture:

  • Exposure, image depth & contrast
  • Color correction & white balancing
  • Scaling (perspective & composition)
  • Removal of lens distortion
  • Lens dust spot removal
  • Camera reflection removal
  • Camera men reflection removal
  • Image sharpening
  • Blue sky replacement or enhancement
  • Add fire to fireplaces
  • Grass color enhancement
  • Add pictured TV screen
  • Pool blue color enhancement
  • Car plate blurring
  • People face blurring
Day to Dusk

Sometimes, dusk pictures highlight the more striking features of a property. With PLAN-IT-ALL Day to Dusk Service, you are able to create a perfect dusk photo based on your day photo.

PLAN-IT-ALL experts will undertake 9 different steps to achieve a stunning result:

  • Scaling (perspective & composition correction)
  • Brightness correction, image depth & contrast
  • Dusk sky enhancement or replacement
  • Add fire to fireplaces
  • Pool blue color enhancement
  • Car plate blurring
  • People face blurring
  • Day effect & shadow removal
  • Lighting effect in windows, door & light fittings.
ATLENTIS integrated with PLAN-IT-ALL

As ATLENTIS is directly integrated with PLAN-IT-ALL, your ATLENTIS login credentials can be used to access the PLAN-IT-ALL customer portal.

Moreover, your ATLENTIS project library, photos, floorplans, subscriptions and settings are directly accessible in the PLAN-IT-ALL portal. In doing so, you have, at your fingertips, the ATLENTIS features and PLAN-IT-ALL services.

Consequently, pictures, etc taken by devices on the go will synch in real time with the ATLENTIS project library available on the PLAN-IT-ALL portal. All instantly and seamlessly done.


test Atlentis

After registering on the application, you will be able to test for free, a limited number of times, the various functionalities of ATLENTIS: HDR photos,  replacement of a blue sky on a photo,  3D scanning of a property,  floor plan creation …

Download the Atlentis app on App Store and register for your free limited access.