In this article, discover our 3D house plans creation service.

Why opt for 3D plans?

Adding plans to your real estate ads can be an excellent idea. Indeed, the plans will allow potential buyers to better understand the layout of the rooms and the configuration of the property for sale.

However, architectural plans can be complicated to understand. Indeed, your potential buyers do not necessarily have architectural knowledge. A classic plan may not be sufficiently meaningful. In this case, adding a plan will not have the desired effect.

This is where PLAN IT ALL’s 3D sales plans come in. They allow a clear and meaningful vision of your property. At a glance, your client will see in your property the same potential as you, real estate agent.

l'ajout d'un jardin

In the example above, the rooms are furnished, which makes it possible to identify them immediately. In addition, the layout is understood at a glance. This is clearly an asset to help potential customers project themselves.

PLAN IT ALL’s services

At PLAN IT ALL, we understand the value of 3D house plans. That’s why we have developed a complete service. We offer different types of 3D plans.

  • 3D Basic: an entry-level 3D service

3d house plan basic


  • 3D Standard : furnished, colorful and textured plans that highlight the different areas of your property

house plan 3D

  • 3D Pro: high-end floor plans furnished, colored or textured

3d house plan pro


  • Adding a garden: you can add a garden on all our 3D floor plans. This will allow customers to understand the layout of your property on its land. You can also highlight the assets of your outdoor spaces by adding a pool for example.

3D standard avec jardin



Order directly on our platform, by uploading your files. We transform your sketches or old architect’s plans into beautiful and professional house plans.

If you have any questions or need help, our support team ( is at your disposal.


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