In this article, we invite you to discover the benefits of adding floor plan to your real estate ads.

Adding floor plan to your ads: a valuable projection aid

Adding floor plan to your ads allows you to reflect in a single visual the layout and dimensions of your property for sale. Unlike text descriptions, they enable buyers to visualize the layout of rooms and the use of space, thus reducing disappointment when visiting the property.

What’s more, floor plans help eliminate unnecessary visits. Buyers can better evaluate your property before they visit. The result? Valuable time savings for buyers and real estate agents alike.


2D floor plan with fournitures

Planning ahead can be difficult without a clear vision of the space. Plans help overcome this barrier by showing how the property can be used and laid out. However, to have the desired effect, plans must be attractive and easy to understand. In the example above, the apartment was designed by our team using the PLAN 2D STANDARD furnished service.

Our floor plan creation service

At PLAN IT ALL, our mission for many years has been to create marketing solutions for real estate professionals. It is in this context that we have developed our floor plan creation service.

Starting from a floor plan or an architect’s sketch, we create professional 2D or 3D plans that will enhance your property for sale. For each of these categories, different sub-categories are available. I invite you to learn more by visiting our portal PLAN IT ALL.


Adding floor plans to your ads, an asset for projection


What’s more, we’ve developed a wide range of options to meet your every need. Would you like to highlight your property’s outdoor spaces? This option can be added when you place your order. Would you like to highlight your brand image? PLAN IT ALL can add your logo to your floor plans!

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