Our team of real estate professionals has been working on the development of our new application ATLENTIS, for months. Our goal is to combine AI and real estate at your service.

The meeting of AI and real estate

  • 3D LIDAR scanning

You can now use an app on your smartphone to measure rooms. The ATLENTIS app uses the LiDAR sensor, which is integrated in the latest iPhones* and iPads*. The process is simple. With your device, walk your property from room to room in minutes.

ATLENTIS AI and real estate

The data from the LiDAR scan is made available to you in the form of an intelligent 3D model. This 3D scan is then converted into a 2D plan, drawn to scale.

  • Take perfect pictures directly from your smartphone

Avec ATLENTIS, il vous est désormais possible de prendre des photos HDR directement depuis votre smartphone. Il s’agit d’une technologie permettant un rendu plus lumineux et plus détaillé. Ici, intelligence artificielle et immobilier s’associent pour vous fournir des photos immobilières au look professionnel.

With ATLENTIS, it is now possible to take HDR photos directly from your smartphone. This is a technology that allows for a brighter and more detailed rendering. Here, artificial intelligence and real estate come together to provide you with professional looking real estate photos.

  • Add a blue sky to your photos

No need to place an order! Unlike the classic PLAN IT ALL services, ATLENTIS allows you to replace a sky on your photos yourself, instantly. Our AI engine analyzes the photo to calculate the portion of sky to replace. Choose the blue sky of your choice from a large selection. And view the result directly on your smartphone. Validate and receive your photo in a few seconds.


  • Your projects always with you

Organize your projects and create as many libraries as your organization needs. The advantage? Content is shared instantly between your different devices connected to ATLENTIS. So, no need to wait until you are in the office to make your files accessible.

All your HDR photos, 3D scans, floor plans and orders are at your fingertips. Whether on your smartphone, tablet or computer. And there’s no need for any intervention on your end: the content will sync automatically.

Intrigued by ATLENTIS and this meeting between artificial intelligence and real estate? Discover our different price proposals. A wide choice of options is available to ensure that you find the one that suits you.



*From iPhone 12 PRO and Ipad PRO models (2021).


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