Our teams are constantly working to improve PLAN IT ALL’s offer. Following numerous customer requests, we have developed a brand new application: ATLENTIS. This application, available in the first instance on the App Store, is the result of many months of efforts.

Why create this new application ATLENTIS?

Our world is more and more connected. So many things are done from one’s smartphone today. From ordering meals to paying by card to buying airline tickets, the smartphone has become integral to our daily lives.

Real estate agents are also part of this integrated community, with access to their CRM or portal via a smartphone. Wherever you are, whatever you do, your phone is always with you.

So it seemed only natural to create an application that recognizes this reality. ATLENTIS makes all PLAN IT ALL services available in a few clicks, while offering new features. And this, to facilitate the work of the real estate agent.

atlentis new real estate app

Our teams have therefore worked on tools that allow us to offer certain services with immediate results. Previously, these real estate marketing services were only available on PLAN IT ALL. To do this, we developed several engines using artificial intelligence. This required many months of development and artificial learning.

ATLENTIS will make your life easier

With ATLENTIS, our goal is to create an application that is portable on the one hand, and that does not require any additional equipment on a smartphone on the other. In this concept, everything depends on the optics (lentis in ancient Greek) available on your smartphone, as well as, for some ATLENTIS services, the LIDAR scanner.

When will ATLENTIS be available?

Our teams are currently finalizing the last settings. We hope to present it to you in June 2022. We invite you to come back and visit our blog or our Facebook and LinkedIn pages. This way, you will be informed of the actual launch of ATLENTIS.


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