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How do I create a project?2022-02-28T07:13:41+00:00

You can create a project via the application, or via the web platform, from the “Library” menu. 

Click on “+ Create or upload a new project”.

  • Enter the useful information of your project: Title, description, type of project (commercial, residential), client name
  • Add a cover photo if you wish
  • Choose to make it active or not 

Each project can contain :

  1. photos (also from your gallery)
  2. photos of plans and ordered 2D or 3D plans
  3. HDR photos (taken with the application)
  4. LIDAR scans (if your device is compatible)
How do I use the 3D LIDAR scanner?2022-02-28T07:14:52+00:00

From the ATLENTIS home screen, click on the central “+” button and select the “LIDAR Scan” option. 

Or from an existing project, “Scan” section, then “+” button.

Then simply follow the instructions on the screen and browse the parts to be scanned. It is recommended to scan a maximum of 1 floor of about 200m².

If your device is not equipped with LIDAR scanning, you do not have access to this option.

How can I modify my photos manually with the ATLENTIS application2022-02-28T07:15:56+00:00

Simply view the photo in question and click on the middle icon at the bottom. A photo editor will open and you can modify the following elements: brightness, contrast, saturation, shadow, clarity, exposure, gamma, cropping, resizing, horizon correction, etc.

 This service is available with all subscriptions, except the free version.

How do I add or modify the parameters of my project (title, cover image, client, asset)?2022-03-02T08:35:47+00:00

For any project you create, you just have to select it, then click on “Edit” and change the desired information.

This is also how you can choose if a project remains active or not.

How do I synchronize my files on all my devices?2022-03-02T08:36:43+00:00

The synchronization is automatic. However, you can choose in your account settings if you want the upload to be always on wifi, only if there is wifi or using mobile data.

You can also choose the size of the HDR photos upload by default: 1K jpg, 2K jpg, 4K png.

How do I access PLAN-IT-ALL photo editing and shot creation services from my ATLENTIS application?2022-03-02T08:37:43+00:00

When viewing a photo (normal or HDR), press the “Order” button to order one of the PLAN IT ALL photo editing services.

  • Standard Photo editing
  • Day to Twilight
  • Object removal
  • Virtual home staging
  • Outdoor virtual home staging

When viewing a photo of a plan or sketch, press the “Order” button to order one of PLAN IT ALL’s plan creation services.

  • 2D Basic
  • 2D Standard
  • 2D Standard (with furniture)
  • 3D Basic
  • 3D Standard
  • 3D Pro
  • Custom made
  • DWG Conversion

Once you have selected the service of your choice, you just have to follow the ordering procedure, step by step.

Are the files ordered on the PLAN-IT-ALL.COM platform available on ATLENTIS?2022-03-02T08:38:44+00:00

No, the orders placed from your PLAN-IT-ALL account are only available on PLAN-IT-ALL.COM

Where can I find the 2D or 3D plans ordered from the ATLENTIS application?2022-03-02T08:39:31+00:00

In the library of the project in question, in the “plans” section. Your plans are available on the ATLENTIS application and on the web platform.

What is in the outbox?2022-03-02T08:41:06+00:00

Files that have not been uploaded to or from the servers.

My Outbox is empty, is this normal?2022-03-02T08:41:46+00:00

This is perfectly normal. It means that all files have been transmitted to the servers and that there are no files to upload to the application.

What is in the “Jobs” menu?2022-03-02T08:42:37+00:00

All the PLAN-IT-ALL services that are being performed or ordered from your ATLENTIS account.

How am I notified when a job is completed?2022-03-02T08:43:14+00:00

You will be notified by email but also via the ALTENTIS application. In the application, you can find the notifications from the “Library” menu, in the “Recent” tab, or from the “My account” tab by pressing the small “Alarm” icon on the top right.

Where can I find my files made with the 3D LIDAR scanner?2022-03-02T08:44:19+00:00

In each project of your library, under the “Scan” tab. 

If your device is not equipped with LIDAR scanning, you do not have access to this option.

How can I order plans directly from my 3D scans?2022-03-02T08:44:57+00:00

Find the scan, in your project in question, then press the ad Hoc icon. A dedicated ordering module opens and you just have to follow the instructions on the screen to proceed with the order. You will receive a 2D Basic plan in black and white.

What is the delivery time for plans from a 3D LIDAR scan?2022-03-02T08:45:36+00:00

The delivery time for the plans is 48 hours maximum.

Where can I find my manually edited photos on the application?2022-03-02T08:46:36+00:00

You will find your edited photos in the same folder as the original photos.

Can I edit a photo that has already been edited a second time?2022-03-02T08:47:12+00:00

You can manually modify a photo as many times as you want.

Can I add a blue sky directly to my photos?2022-03-02T08:47:50+00:00

Yes, but only on HDR photos taken with the ATLENTIS application.

How do I choose the type of blue sky I want for my photo?2022-03-02T08:48:32+00:00

You have to choose by scrolling through the skies proposed in the application. You can see a preview of each sky in real time on your photo.

How to take an HDR photo ?2022-03-02T08:49:11+00:00

From the ATLENTIS home screen, click on the central “+” button and select the “Take an HDR photo” option. 

Select the mode on the screen that best suits you: indoor, outdoor, or low light. Use a tripod, or stand still when capturing the photo.

How long does it take to take an HDR photo?2022-03-02T08:49:52+00:00

If you have a data connection or a wifi connection, the realization of the HDR photo is almost instantaneous.

My HDR photo is blurry, why?2022-03-02T08:50:30+00:00

If you move while taking the HDR photo, the result may be blurred. You should also avoid taking HDR photos on a windy day.

Where can I find my HDR photos?2022-03-02T08:51:17+00:00

From your library, in each project, in the “HDR Photo” section.

Is the number of HDR photos limited?2022-03-02T08:52:03+00:00

It depends on the subscription or the package you choose.

Can I use a photo from my gallery?2022-03-02T08:52:42+00:00

You can add photos from your gallery in the “Photo” section of the project. You can also add a photo of a plan in the “Plan” section. But you can’t add photos in the “HDR Photo” section.

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