New from PLAN IT ALL: new real estate marketing services available for your 360° photos!

Did you know?

Our virtual home staging and object removal services are also available for your panoramnic photos! You can extract the files and send us the 360° visual of each room generated for your virtual tour, and we’ll edit them. Whether you prefer home staging or object removal on these photos.

Decorate the spaces in your virtual tour

An empty space is rarely attractive to potential buyers. They’ll have to make a considerable effort to project their new home. At PLAN IT ALL, we’ve created the virtual home staging service.

A virtual tour of completely empty rooms doesn’t always give a true picture of the space. The addition of furniture and decoration gives your customers a better understanding of the volumes and nature of the room they are virtually visiting.


Interested? Get a virtual home staging estimate based on 360° photos directly from your personal space.

Remove unwanted objects from your 360° photos

Adding a virtual visit to your real estate ad will give your potential buyers a better understanding of the spaces offered for sale.

However, a disorganized house or one full of moving boxes is not very appealing. Our team can remove unwanted elements or furniture from the 360° photos of your virtual tour.

Interested? Request your 360° photo object removal directly from your customer area. Indicate the unwanted objects you want removed and let our experts do the rest!

Once these 360° photos have been processed, all you have to do is reassemble them within your virtual tour.

At PLAN IT ALL, customer satisfaction is our top priority. That’s why our support team is always at your disposal. Don’t hesitate to contact them if you have any problems or questions! They’ll be happy to help.

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