With the object removal for your real estate photos, facilitate the projection of your customers.

What is the interest of object removal from real estate photos?

During a real estate sale, the key asset to accelerate the sales process is the projection of customers.

As a real estate professional, you know the importance of de-cluttering and depersonalizing the property to sell as quickly as possible.

It is difficult for your clients to see in a room currently used as a storage room a potential office or a nice dressing room. Similarly, a garage that is too cluttered does not fully reveal the potential offered by its volumes.


suppression objet photo immobilière


In some cases, the property offered for sale is already empty. However, in most cases, the sellers will live in the property until the time of sale. It can then be delicate and laborious to ask them to clear their houses of their personal belongings..

The solution offered by our team

Have unwanted items removed from your real estate photos. Personal decoration and clutter will give way to an orderly and clean living space. The personality of the sellers is thus put in brackets in order to let the imagination of your potential buyers run free.

suppression objet photo immobilière


How do I request an object removal of items from my real estate photos?

Our marking tool allows you to quickly and easily indicate the items to be deleted.

Here are the steps to follow:

  • Click on the place where the object to be deleted is located
  • A red dot will mark the exact location.
  • You can add as many “red dots” as you wish.
  • Once these markings are made, you can also add a general comment if necessary.

As soon as the marking of the elements to be removed is completed, the quote request is automatically sent to our team of experts. Our price proposal will then be sent to you within 3 working hours.


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