The profession of real estate agent is in full democratization. The result? A growing number of ads and ads are lost among the mass. In this article, we provide you with 3 tips to boost your real estate ads.

Quality photos, an essential element

Adding quality images to your ads will make them look all the more professional. That’s why we created our standard photo editing service.

booster annonce immobilière - édition photo -ciel bleu

For the sum of 1 euro per picture, we will carry out 15 different steps on your pictures in order to reveal their full potential. Among these 15 operations, we propose you our service of replacement or improvement of the blue sky. This last one allows you to present photos of your goods under a sunny sky and without clouds on the horizon. A service that will allow you to boost your real estate ads.

Add a floor plan to enlighten your clients

With our basic 2D floor plans, give a clear idea of the potential of your property. In a single glance, it will highlight the spaces and the layout of your property.

We offer professional 2D Basics floor plans at attractive prices that will best suit your needs.

To give you an idea, here are the rates for a property up to 200 m²

  • 9,00 € for an apartment
  • 12,60 € for a duplex
  • 13,50 €  for a house

The 2D Basic floor plan service does not include the addition of furniture, but you can ask for it with our 2 euros option.

A seller’s title, an essential element to boost your ads

As a real estate salesman, you know how catchy words can be. As for a press article, the title of an ad will be the first element consulted by the potential buyer, the one that will give him or her the desire to continue reading. It must be concise and provide all the necessary information sought by the Internet user in order to hold his attention.

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