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2023: real estate price trend

What will be real estate price trend in 2023? After an increase in real estate prices, the trend will reverse in 2023 and prices will drop.

In United Kingdom, this trend is already evident in many large cities such as London and Edimbourg. These are the same large cities where real estate prices had soared in recent years. The reason for this decline is simple: higher and higher interest rates and increasingly difficult to obtain real estate loans.

The experts foresee a decrease of up to 10%, which represents a significant amount in a real estate transaction.

In this context, it is more important than ever for you, as a real estate agent, to sell your properties at the best price.

Our solutions to promote your real estate ads

PLAN IT ALL has been at your service for years and offers you many services to highlight your properties.

Among them, the virtual interior and exterior renovation service.

The projection is a key factor in the decision to buy. Helping potential customers to project themselves is therefore logically essential as a real estate agent. With our virtual exterior renovation service, we help you do just that.

Concretely, what do we propose?

We propose to virtually renovate your interior and exterior spaces from your photos. By using this service, you can add attractive and evocative visuals to your real estate ads.

Below is an example of a virtual interior renovation of a bathroom.

renovation virtuelle

renovation virtuelle


Our experts transformed that old-fashioned powder room into a sleeker, more modern space, at a lower cost and in a shorter time.

We also virtually renovate your outdoor spaces.

espace extérieur Rénovation virtuelle extérieure 2

This house and its garden were transformed into a bucolic space. To place an order, the process is very simple and sure estimate to avoid any surprise.

Log in or register on our platform and choose our virtual exterior renovation service. Upload your photos, give your instructions, and our experts take care of the rest.

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