In this article, find out why and how to enhance your outdoor space. This can be done very easily with virtual photo renovation.

The importance of an attractive outdoor space

Society is changing. Ecology and environmental protection are becoming more and more important. We feel it in the consumer’s habits. Organic and local products are preferred. Vacations close to home are becoming more and more attractive.

3D renderings

Nature and its protection are more and more at the heart of our concerns. We have a need to reconnect with nature. This is also felt in real estate searches.

A few years ago, young people dreamed of an apartment in a building. Today, they like to imagine themselves living in a nice house with a garden.

The presence of an outdoor space is more and more often a key factor in the purchase decision. In the past, it was seen as an asset. Today, it can be a determining factor in the decision to buy.

How do we enhance outdoor spaces?

Outdoor spaces can be a real headache for real estate agents. Indeed, when they are well cared for and maintained, they can easily be the “coup de coeur” effect. However, if they are neglected, they can scare your clients away.

3D renderings exemple

In addition, renovating an outdoor space takes a lot of time and also requires a large budget. You can’t wait to renovate the exterior before putting the property on the market!

We offer you a solution: virtual exterior renovation!

  • Register or connect to your account on our PLAN IT ALL platform
  • Sending photos of the spaces to renovate
  • Request a quote with instructions on what exactly you want to achieve

If you accept the quote, then leave it to our team of experts. And you will receive your visuals as soon as possible.

The faded gardens will become cute bucolic green spaces. Similarly, the terraces that are now sinister will look like those of the greatest restaurants! In short, retouched photo files will be perfect for triggering your clients’ imagination. They will be able to project themselves in the outdoor spaces of their future acquisition.

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