Do you want to add a 2D floor plan to your real estate advertising? If yes, PLAN IT ALL is made for you. In fact, there’s nothing easier. With just a picture, scan of your sketch or your architect’s plan, you’ll receive your floor plan in 24 hours. Different choices for finish available. Multiple options. Colour customization is possible. Professional service guaranteed. 

Why add a 2D floor plan to your advertising?

Primarily, to convince your customers/buyers more easily. A floor plan offers additional information to your clients. Hence, allowing potential future owners to imagine themselves in the area that they might purchase. With more information, your clients won’t visit aimlessly. And you won’t waste your time. In numerous other countries, real estate advertising includes floor plans of the offered product. For example in the UK and Australia, nearly all advertising contains a floor plan.

With PLAN IT ALL, you can also personalise your floor plans by adding personal touches . You can, thanks to our personalisation tools, make floor plans with your colours, your logo, etc. 2d floor plan real estate

How to order with PLAN IT ALL?

To order a 2D floor plan from PLAN IT ALL, only requires a few minutes of your time, a picture and few clicks. 

In fact, you only need a photo, a scan of a sketch or your architect’s floor plan of your property. After that you must think of the options that you wish to add to your floor plan:

  • Without measuring or furniture, you can order a 2D BASIC floor plan.
  • With the surfaces of the rooms but without furniture, you can order a 2D STANDARD floor plan.
  • With the surfaces of the rooms and furniture, you can order a 2D STANDARD with furniture floor plan.

2d floor plan before after

Additionally, you can add other options; some are free of charge whilst others aren’t. You can also finish off your order by personalising your floor plan with your colours, you logo, etc.

Once your options have been selected and your order has been validated and paid for, you will receive your floor plan within 24 hours with additional support available by email ( ).



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