Real Estate Agent & Covid-19! During this time of general isolation during which it is recommended to limit any non-essential travel and contact with other people, it doesn’t seem possible to be able to continue activities as a real-estate agent. However, we remain available to help you through your activities. We hope to find together ways to continue to progress.

Here are a few tips to help you maintain your service to your clients who are looking to sell or let their holdings. Ask them to:

  • take pictures of the different rooms of their property that is to let or for sale,
  • measure the rooms with tape measurer or laser.
  • and finally, ask them to draw a sketch of the floor plan through a simple, hand-drawn sketch.

Our advice for successful real estate pictures

To optimize the sale or renting of a property, it is essential that its pictures highlight its most attractive assets. Although this seems obvious, a tidy home is the most efficient, and cheapest, solution to promote it.

This could mean, for examples, to carry some simple tasks, such as:

  • removing objects from tables,
  • removing pictures, toys and personal objects,
  • opening the curtains to let more light in,
  • or making the bed with assorted linen,…

Discover our detailed list of tips for each room to obtain attractive pictures of your properties and share it with your clients so as to ensure that they send quality pictures.

How to draw a floor plan with multiple floors by hand?

Drawing a space is not necessarily easy for everyone but with a few clear instructions, we can quickly learn.  Plus, only a few tools are needed: a piece of paper, a tape measurer, a pen and you are ready to go!

Agent immobiler & Covid-19: exemple de croquis

Look at our full guide to learn how to draw a floorplan by hand. Share the document with your clients. They can then send you a scan or picture of their sketch.


And then, PLAN IT ALL takes care of the rest!

If the pictures taken by your clients are not qualitative enough, we offer picture editing services, which include deleting unwanted objects, enhancing contrasts and lightness, or even virtual home staging.

And the sketch? You can send us the sketch drawn by your clients and we can turn it into a 2D or 3D professional looking floor plan. You can choose among a number of options that would suit your project best.

PLAN IT ALL is a platform dedicated to real estate marketing that functions entirely online. After registering for fee, you can order floor plans, photo editing services, and many other custom services. You will receive your files by email within 24 hours and those will also be accessible on the PLAN IT ALL platform.


This way, you can list for sale or rent real estate properties, from afar, thanks to pictures taken by your clients and/or sketches drawn by them.

Real Estate Agent & Covid-19! Let’s create together an entirely only work flow safely from home, in order to protect our customers, our staff and ourselves.

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